Wriggles and Giggles

Today I will be mainly being mum, no one is giving me a minute to do anything I want to do. 5 month old is either giggling away while my 3 yr old wants something, or moaning at me for another feed. Teething and growth spurts are a tiring mix!

Last night I managed to listen to 3 hours of Aldous Huxley’s ‘A Brave New World’ and got a fair distance through the 9 point star blanket I am crocheting. What a wonderful story teller Huxley is, and what a disquieting novel! Between Huxley and Orwell such dystopian futures are more than just scary. Looking at the world we currently live in I can see the mixture of both dystopia in our future. Time to get the children watching Metropolis and playing Manic Street Preachers to them.

I have so much reading to do! 11 Umberto Eco, at least 5 political works, the Witness’ version of the Christian Bible. I need other religious texts and their various translations. My hunt is for the Vedas that became the written version of Hinduism, the oldest known religion on Earth. Obviously it wasn’t known as Hinduism until the Vedas were written in 1500 BCE, but the stories were handed down the generations for millennia before then apparently. I haven’t yet done a massive search, but I know that Ancient Egyptian and Western Pagan religious history goes back to at least 3000 BCE. I’m still a little sceptical of the claim of Hinduism, perhaps it is the oldest religion still practised today? Definitely more research needed.

Oh, the baby is asleep! I wonder what the toddler will demand of me if I put the baby down?


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